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Sunday, February 13, 2005


Burgoo to Burnt

(Bur"goo) n. [Prov. E. burgood yeast, perh. fr. W. burym yeast + cawl cabbage, gruel.] A kind of oatmeal pudding, or thick gruel, used by seamen. [Written also burgout.]

(Bur"grass`) n. (Bot.) Grass of the genus Cenchrus, growing in sand, and having burs for fruit.

(Bur"grave) n. [F.] See Burggrave.

(Bur"gun*dy) n.

1. An old province of France

2. A richly flavored wine, mostly red, made in Burgundy, France.

Burgundy pitch, a resinous substance prepared from the exudation of the Norway spruce (Abies excelsa) by melting in hot water and straining through cloth. The genuine Burgundy pitch, supposed to have been first prepared in Burgundy, is rare, but there are many imitations. It has a yellowish brown color, is translucent and hard, but viscous. It is used in medicinal plasters.

(Burh) n. See Burg. [Obs.]

(Bur"hel, Burr"hel) n. (Zoöl.) The wild Himalayan, or blue, sheep (Ovis burrhel).

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