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Friday, March 30, 2012


Kentucky Burgoo recipe makes 1,200 gallons, served on derby day, at political rallies, horse sales and other outdoor events. J.T. Looney - well-known as the man to contact to prepare Burgoo for large gatherings. “It is a very picturesque sight to see Mr. Looney, aided by many negro assistants, preparing this dish over open fires in huge kettles which are kept simmering all night.” "200 pounds fat hens, 2,000 pounds potatoes and 5 bushels cabbage, was to be mixed a little at a time and cooked outdoors in huge iron kettles from 15 to 20 hours. Use squirrels in season — one dozen squirrels to each 100 gallons.” “At the exact moment, a rabbit’s foot at the end of a yard string is properly waved by a colored preacher whose salary has been paid to date. These are good omens which fortify the burgoo.”

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Still to be worked out, too, is a traffic management plan to address the vehicles that will descend on Utica for various celebrations, not least of which is the Burgoo Festival. Jung said an ad hoc committee comprised of state police, Utica and La Salle County officials will work out a program for summer generally and Burgoo specifically.